Building Extension Project 擴建計劃

What This Project Will Bring: Six New Classrooms: For our growing Sunday School and various fellowship/bible study groups. New Amenities: Modern facilities for everyone’s comfort. Upgraded AV System: Enhancing our worship experience. Kitchen Upgrade: A better kitchen for our community events. Service Upgrades: Improved electric supply, stormwater systems, fire safety,...


基督教教育部7月分線上主日學課程:《認識異端》。 本課程將從聖經的教導,來區分異端、別異教派與異教。特別注重韓國新興異端團體(新天地教會等)。 直接上線無需報名。 上課方式:線上ZOOM。ID: 884 4225 3532 密碼: 0707。詳情請參閱附件。


2024年LAMM的第四個中文課程”衛理宗研讀”。課程涵蓋衛理宗歷史、行政、組織(政策和法規)、神學特色和崇拜禮儀。 報名截止日期7月21日。詳情請參考附件。 有意參加者請聯繫:LAMM行政助理(Joy姐妹)0432770022 或email : LOGOS.CMCA@GMAIL.COM。

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Our Vision 教會使命

Eight Mile Plains Methodist Church (EMP MC) is a part of Chinese Methodist Church in Australia Annual Conference. We trust that you will be blessed through our church’s soulful praise and worship, Bible based teaching, and warm congregation. We are a family-based church, providing various activities in Mandarin and English,...

Church Membership Class 入会班

For anyone who would like to be our church member, please contact our pastors and register for the church membership class. 如果您有意愿成为我们的会友,请向牧者询问,及报名参加入会班。

Children and Adult Baptism Class 孩童及成人洗礼班

If anyone who would like to be baptized or parents who would like their children to be baptized, please speak with our pastors. 有意參加洗禮班或者要爲孩子洗禮的父母,請向牧師報名。
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Children Sunday School

Words from our Minister

The Church is God’s household, which is also the church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of the truth. (1 Tim 3: 15 NIV)

Thank God for giving us a big spiritual family. In this family, we become a family because of the Lord Jesus. Our identities and our roles all carry the great commission given to us by the Lord. That is to love God and others, and live a godly and victorious life to glorify his name. The growth of each of us directly affects the growth of a church. Let us grow together diligently in the truth of the Lord, support each other in love, and build up the body of Christ.

We pray that in the care and nurturing of our heavenly Father, we will have a deeper understanding of his love, willing to share his grace, and experience the power of his gospel together. Follow Him closely on the spiritual path, serve with one heart, to be the fisher of men for the Lord, and become a good testimony of the gospel.

As it is written, how beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news! (Rom 10:15)

May the Lord bless you!
Rev Gloria Ling



感谢神赐给我们一个属灵大家庭。在这家庭里,因着主耶稣我们成为一家人。我们的身份,我们的角色都带着主给我们的大使命。那就是要爱神爱人,过敬虔得胜的 生活来荣耀祂的名。我们每一个人的成长直接影响了一个教会的成长,让我们同心竭力在主的真道上长进,在爱中彼此扶持,建立基督的身体。