Building Extension Project 擴建計劃

What This Project Will Bring:

  • Six New Classrooms: For our growing Sunday School and various fellowship/bible study groups.
  • New Amenities: Modern facilities for everyone’s comfort.
  • Upgraded AV System: Enhancing our worship experience.
  • Kitchen Upgrade: A better kitchen for our community events.
  • Service Upgrades: Improved electric supply, stormwater systems, fire safety, disability access, and more.


  • 六間新教室: 為我們日益增長的主日學和各種團契/查經小組。
  • 新設施: 為大家提供現代化的設施。
  • 升級視聽系統: 提升我們的敬拜體驗。
  • 廚房升級: 改善我們社區活動的廚房。
  • 服務升級: 改善電力供應、雨水系統、消防安全、無障礙設施等。

Exciting News! Building Extension Project Update

We are thrilled to announce that our Development Application was approved by the council on May 31st, 2024!

Here’s what’s next:

  1. Building Approval: Our design team is now working on getting the necessary building approvals.
  2. Choosing Builders: We’re evaluating quotes from potential builders and will soon finalize our choice.
  3. Legal Preparations: A lawyer is helping us draft the contract for the building work.




  1. 建築審批: 我們的設計團隊現在正在進行必要的建築審批。
  2. 選擇建築商: 我們正在評估潛在建築商的報價,並將很快確定最終選擇。
  3. 法律準備: 律師正在幫助我們起草建築工程合同。

Call for Continued Support 呼籲持續支持

We pray that EMP family can continue to give generously towards the building fund. We are at approximately 90% of the targeted budget of $1.5 Million. Let us work in unity to bring this building extension project to fruition. All glory to our God!


Direct Deposit 銀行轉帳

Account Name: CMCA Emp Inc Building Fund

BSB: 484-799 (Suncorp Bank)

Account number: 121 706 225

Pledge Form / 認捐表: Building Extension Fund Pledge form 擴建計畫認捐表

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