Fellowship 团契小组






Young Family Group 1 –  Friday fortnightly at 7pm

Young Family Group 2 – last Sunday of every month at 4:30pm

Bible Study Group 1 – 1st and 3rd Fridays of every month at 7:15pm

Bible Study Group 2 – 2nd Fridays of every month at 7:30pm


中文伉俪小组 – 每月的第一个周五 晚上 7:30pm

马其顿组 – 隔周六晚上 7pm

查经三组 – 每月第2和第4周日晚上 7pm





Our Senior Fellowships is on every second Saturday of the month, 9:30am at EMP Methodist. This fellowship is only in Mandarin. If you are nearing retirement or already retired, or know someone who is, and speaks Mandarin, you (and your friends) are most welcomed to join us!

福恩堂乐龄组在每个月第二个周六,早上 9:30am 在教会举行。如您临近退休年龄或已经退休,或认识其他乐龄的朋友,欢迎您(和您的朋友)到来参加我们团契!





MEYA 1, MEYA 2  – every Wednesday at 7pm

JMYF – every Saturday at 7pm

中文青年小组 – 每周六晚上 7:30pm





Join our weekly Women Fellowships every Tuesday, 9:30am at our church. We have both Mandarin and English bible study running concurrently.

欢迎您到福恩堂参加我们的妇女团契,每周二早上 9:30am。中文和英文查经同步进行。

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