Our Vision 教會使命

Eight Mile Plains Methodist Church (EMP MC) is a part of Chinese Methodist Church in Australia Annual Conference.

We trust that you will be blessed through our church’s soulful praise and worship, Bible based teaching, and warm congregation. We are a family-based church, providing various activities in Mandarin and English, catering to members from all age groups.

We are an evangelistic church. We believe in the triune God – God the father who is our Heavenly Father, God the Son who is our Saviour, and God the Spirit who is with us and guide us. We accept that the Bible is the word of God which carries the absolute authority. We also believe that salvation is obtained by faith alone in Christ through grace.

Each letter in EMP MC represents our mission.

Our long term mission and vision is “Equipping & Mobilizing People of God in Mission for CHRIST.”

If you share our goals and are willing to realise our vision together, sincerely welcome you to join us, in various fellowships/groups and Sunday service. If you require any assistance, please get in touch with our ushers, group leaders, or the pastoral team, we are here to help.




福恩堂,英文名的縮寫EMP MC(Eight Mile Plains Methodist Church),每個英文字母各有代表。



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